Wallingford Cooking Master Class - Flour & Stone

In the beginning, it is a learning. You’ll converse with Chris as he works with flour in all its guises. In the end, it will be a doing. Teaming up with a ‘someone’ else, you will make the pasta. Using flour as the core ingredient, Chris will make sweet and savoury dishes along with the eating staple of yesteryear, sourdough. We are talking croissants, to-die-for danishes and, most everybody’s favourite, pasta. We will eat as we go, dainty bowls of this and that. We will sup as we go, local vials of vino. We’ll chat as we go, snippets of you and me, your yesterdays, our tomorrows. You will do all this whilst surrounded by nature, beauty and other like-minded foodies. It will be fun.

The Wallingford Cooking Masterclass is part of 'The Spring Fling' - a series of standout events that capture the essence of springtime in Central Hawke’s Bay.

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